Adding members to a group

Payzip makes it very easy for you to add members to a group and gives you a number of ways to this, either individually or in bulk.

You can create (and add members to) a group when you add members to Payzip for the first time. For more information on adding members go to Adding members.

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Adding a member to a group

The easiest way to add a member to a group is to go to the members index by clicking Members in the sidebar.

Once you see your list of members, search for the one you want or use the group filter to narrow down your options. You can also scroll through the pages if you prefer to do that.

Next, click Add to group in the table to bring up the group selection dropdown. You can select any group you have already created and that member will immediately be added to all the groups you select.

You can even add a group here if you need to create one that doesn’t exist. For more information on adding groups go to Adding a group.

You can also add a member to a group from their member page by clicking their name in the members index and then clicking Add to group next to their name in the header row.

Adding multiple members to a group

If you need to put multiple members into a group (or groups), Payzip makes this easy for you.

Go to the members index by clicking Members in the sidebar, and then clicking Select.

This brings up checkboxes next to the member name which you can use to select multiple members. You will notice that as soon as you select at least one member, Manage groups becomes active.

Selecting a group will place all selected members in the group. Deselecting a group will remove all selected members from the group.

A minus in the checkbox indicates that not all members are in the highlighted group.

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