Adding members to an existing invoice

If you want to add a member (or members) to an existing invoice, you can do this easily from the invoice page.

There are 2 steps to complete

  1. Add recipients
  2. Customise invoice

To get started, click Invoices in the sidebar and then select the invoice you want to add members to.

On the invoice page, click Options and then select Add recipients from the dropdown.

Step 1. Add recipients

When prompted, select the members you want to add to the invoice. By default, you’ll see every member of the club who hasn’t yet been sent this invoice, although no members will be selected. This means that you can’t send an invoice to the same member twice by mistake.

Like when creating an invoice for the first time, you can narrow-down which members are shown by clicking the All groups dropdown and choosing the groups you want to see.

You can also type a member name (or part of one) in the search box to search for a member.

When you see members you want to add, click the checkbox next to their name.

If you want to select everyone on-screen, click the top checkbox, next to Name. Repeat this process until you’ve selected every member who should be added this invoice.

Click Show in the bottom right hand corner to see a full list of the members you have selected. To go back to your member list, toggle it off again.

When you are happy with your selections, click Continue to go to step 2.

Step 2. Customise invoice

This is the final stage of the process and just like when creating an invoice for the first time, you can customise an individual invoice for a member or remove them from the list if you have added them by mistake.

For more information see Creating an invoice.

When you are happy with everything, click Send now, your invoices will be sent immediately to the members you have selected.

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