Creating an invoice

Once you have added your members, you can create an invoice. There are a number of ways to do this.

There are 3 steps to complete

  1. Create invoice
  2. Add recipients
  3. Customise invoice

If you want to see what we send your members when you create an invoice and how they make the payment online, see Paying an invoice online.

On the dashboard, click the + button in the bottom right hand corner and select Create Invoice. Alternatively, click Create invoice in the header row of the Overdue invoices section.

You can also click on Invoices in the sidebar and then Create invoice in the top right.

Step 1. Create invoice

You will need to provide the following information:

Invoice name - give your invoice a name. This should be something easily identifiable that will stand out when you see it listed alongside other invoices in the Invoices index. If you choose a name of an existing outstanding invoice, we’ll warn you. You can override this, but we’d advise choosing something unique.
The Due date can be any date from today by which you’d like the money to be paid. Amounts outstanding after this date will be shown as Overdue.
Comments is an optional area for any text you want to apply to this invoice only. This can be anything that the members might find useful, such as an additional bit of information regarding training times.
In Payment information, you add the items that you’re charging for. Payzip copies the invoice name as the first item, but you can edit this. You can be as specific here as you wish. You might want to break out the cost into several items (e.g. kit, travel, accommodation) or just have a single entry (e.g. May Subscriptions 2021). It’s completely up to you. You can also add a line item with a minus amount. This is useful if you want to apply a discount to all recipients of this invoice, but still want to recognise the full cost on the invoice. An example of this might be if you have had to cancel some sessions in the month and want to give all members the same discount.
The Footer is for information that you want to show on this invoice, and also be the default footer for any subsequent invoices. This can be for things like organisational information, contact numbers and addresses, a slogan, whatever works best for your organisation. It’s also completely optional, so feel free to leave it blank. If there’s already a footer there when you create an invoice, you can delete it - but be aware it will then be blank on all future invoices until you type or paste something in there.

Payzip will automatically total the amounts you enter. You can remove any rows you don’t need by clicking the trash can icon.

You can’t remove the first row if it is the only row, as every invoice needs at least one line item.

All invoices must be over £0.50.

Click Continue to move to Step 2.

Step 2. Add recipients

Next you need to select which members should receive the invoice. By default, you’ll see every member of the club here, although no members will be selected.

You can narrow-down which members are shown by clicking the All groups dropdown and choosing the groups you want to see.

You can also type a member name (or part of one) in the search box to search for that member.

When you see members you want to add, click the checkbox next to their name.

If you want to select everyone on-screen, click the top checkbox, next to Name. Repeat this process until you’ve selected every member who should receive this invoice.

Click Show in the bottom right hand corner to see a full list of the members you have selected. To go back to your full member list, toggle it off again.

When you’ve selected all the members you need, click Continue.

Step 3. Customise invoice

This is the final stage of the process and allows you to make individual amendments to an invoice, perhaps you need to add something extra for a particular member or apply a discount to someone.

You can also delete a member from this stage if you have added someone by mistake. Select the member from the left hand column and click Delete.

If you have a long list of recipients, you can search for them using the search box in the header row.

To make changes, click on a member’s name in the left hand column to bring up their invoice.

You can change the Due date, update the Comments, add new Items and alter any Amounts. Payzip will automatically total the amounts you enter. You can remove any rows you don’t need by clicking the trash can icon.

You can’t remove the first row if it is the only row, as every invoice needs at least 1 item.

When you are satisfied with your changes, click Save changes.

The number of recipients and the total amount of the invoice is shown in the bottom of the left-hand side. This is updated when you make any changes and allows you to make sure everything looks right before sending the invoices out.

When you are happy with everything, click Send now, your invoices will be sent immediately.

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