Creating a Ping

Pings are a great way to collect money from your members in situations where you don’t know upfront who’s interested and needs to pay. This might be for things such as:

  • An ad-hoc session or game
  • Orders for new kit or equipment
  • Deposits for an away trip or tour
  • An end-of-season dinner or event

With Pings, you send out the link, and Payzip does the heavy lifting of collecting responses and payments from your members for you.

Pings are for members only so you will need to have added members before you can start.

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There are a number of ways to get started. On the Dashboard, click the yellow Quick add drawer on the right of the screen and select Create Ping.

Alternatively, click Create Ping in the header row of the Active Pings section.

You can also click on Pings in the sidebar and then Create Ping in the top right.

Step 1. Create Ping

To create a Ping, you will need to provide the following information:

Name - This will appear in your list of pings so make it easy to recognise (e.g. "Training sessions July 2021" is better than "Training sessions"). This is also the name your members will see when they click on the link.
Additional information - This is for anything members may need to know, such as available sizes or colours of kit, start times of sessions, special requirements etc.
Amount - This is the cost of the item or event. You can tick Free if you want to use Pings to reserve slots in a training session without a cost, for example.
Quantity - Set a quantity if you want the Ping to automatically deactivate when the quantity is reached. After this point, members will no longer be able to access the Ping from the link. If the Ping has no upper limit, tick Unlimited.
Limit per member - Setting a limit per member will ensure that your members cannot purchase more items than necessary. If there is no limit per member, tick No limit.
End date - Set an end date if you want the Ping to become automatically deactivated at the end of the chosen day. If there is end date, tick No end date.

If both Quantity and End date are set, the Ping will be automatically deactivated when the quantity sold is reached or the end date - whichever is sooner.

Pings must be over £0.50 (or free).

To create the Ping, click Create Ping.

Step 2. Sharing a Ping

Once you've created the Ping, on the next screen you will see the unique link that you can share with your members on your Facebook group, your email newsletter, or social media - wherever your members hang out and however you communicate with them.

To copy the link, click Copy and we'll add the unique link to your clipboard.

Alternatively, we make it easy for you to email your members with the link so you can share it without leaving Payzip. To do this, click Email members.

You can always retrieve this link later by clicking on any active Ping and clicking Share link in the top right-hand corner.

First you need to select the members you want to share the Ping with. You can narrow-down which members are shown by clicking the All groups dropdown and choosing the groups you want to see.

You can also type a member name (or part of one) in the search box to search for that member.

When you see members you want to add, click the checkbox next to their name.

If you want to select everyone on-screen, click the top checkbox, next to Name. Repeat this process until you’ve selected every member who should receive this invoice.

Click Show in the bottom right hand corner to see a full list of the members you have selected. To go back to your full member list, toggle it off again.

When you’ve selected all the members you need, click Continue.

On the next screen you have the opportunity to add some additional information to the email we will send to your selected members.

Subject - We prefix the subject with the club name. You cannot change this, but you can edit the rest of the subject line. By default the subject is the name of the Ping.
Email content - In this box you can add any further information you didn't include when creating the Ping and gives you an opportunity to introduce the Ping to your members.

Note that we already include all the information you added tho the Ping, so there is no need to repeat it.

When you are happy with everything, click Send now, your Ping will be sent immediately.

What your members see

The Ping emails your members receive, look like this.

Clicking Click here to view takes the member to an online version of the Ping.

Here, they can choose the quantity for each member and any notes that you have requested. Once they are happy, they can click Pay to pay the Ping online.

Pings can only be paid online at the moment, however if the Ping is FREE then once the member has selected a quantity and added any notes, all they need to do is click Confirm.

At checkout, they can enter their credit or debit card details, or use the Pay / Google Pay functionality in their browser (or smartphone), to pay the invoice online.

Once the member has successfully paid for the Ping, we show them a Paid receipt.

We also send them a confirmation email. Clicking Click here to view will take them to an online version of the receipt.

There are mobile optimised views of all pages which the member needs to interact with which means they can make payments from their mobiles easily.

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