Duplicating an invoice

Once you have created an invoice, you can easily duplicate it to create a similar one.

There are 3 steps to complete

  1. Duplicate invoice
  2. Add recipients
  3. Customise invoice

To get started, click Invoices in the sidebar and then select the invoice you want to duplicate.

To duplicate the invoice, click Options and then select Duplicate invoice from the dropdown.

Step 1. Duplicate invoice

To save you time, you can just edit any of the information from the previous invoice when creating the new invoice.

While you don’t have to change the Name of the invoice, we will warn you if an active invoice exists with the same name.

When you’ve made the changes you want, click Continue.

Step 2. Add recipients

Next you need to select which members should receive the invoice. By default, the members who were sent the previous invoice are selected.

You can remove these and reselect different members if you wish, or add any additional members to the invoice.

When you’ve selected the members who should receive the invoice, click Continue.

Step 3. Customise invoice

This is the final stage of the process and allows you to make individual amendments to an invoice, perhaps you need to add something extra for a particular member or apply a discount to someone.

Customisations that were made on the previous invoice are not carried forward to this new invoice, so you will need to make those again.

When you are happy with everything, click Send now, your invoices will be sent immediately

For more information about creating an invoice, see Creating an invoice.

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