Adding a credit to an invoice

Sometimes you will have sent an invoice to a member and for whatever reason that invoice is no longer going to be paid. Rather than let it sit there and mess up your figures, you can now add a credit to the invoice which will clear the balance and remove it from your list of outstanding invoices.

You can add a credit to an invoice that has manual payments made against it.

To get started, click Invoices in the sidebar and select the invoice that contains the member invoice you want to add a credit to.

You might find it easier to find the member first and then select the invoice you want to add a credit to from their page.

With the Recipients tab selected, click on the member invoice you want to add a credit to.

When the invoice appears, click Options and then select Add credit from the dropdown list.

When the box appears, enter a Reason and an Amount and then click Add credit. If you want to cancel, click Cancel. There is a limit of 40 characters in the reason input box.

You can't add add a credit for more than the remaining balance.

Next, you have the option to send a receipt to the member, confirming the credit. If you want to send a receipt, click Send receipt and a receipt will be sent immediately.

Sometimes you won’t want to send a receipt to the member. In this case, click Don’t send and no receipt will be sent.

If the credit amount is for the full outstanding amount, you will see the invoice switch to a Paid invoice. In the Activity & notes section, you will see the date and time the credit was added along with confirmation that a receipt has been sent (if you chose to send one).

On the left side, you will see the credit along with the Amount due now £0.00.

If the credit amount is not for the full outstanding amount, the invoice will remain unpaid. If you choose to, a receipt will still be emailed to the member immediately showing the credit and the remaining balance of the invoice.

After adding a credit, if you leave a balance of less than £0.50 on the invoice, the member will not be able to pay this online.

Clicking off the invoice will return you to the invoice page where you will see that the member is no longer listed as Owed on the Recipients tab.

If you clear the Status filter you will see the member and the amount Owed as £0.00.

If you don’t credit the full amount, the invoice will still show as Owed with the amount owed as the new outstanding amount.

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