Editing an invoice

Once you have created an invoice, you can edit the information if you have made a mistake even after it has been sent to your members.

We will only update invoices that have not already been customised, or have no payments or credits applied to them.

There are 3 steps to complete

  1. Confirmation
  2. Edit invoice
  3. Resend invoices

To get started, click Invoices in the sidebar and then select the invoice you want to edit.

To edit the invoice, click Options and then select Edit invoice from the dropdown.

Step 1. Confirmation

You will be prompted that this invoice has already been sent to some of you members and that any changes you make will only apply to those invoices that have no payments made against them (and not been customised).

You will also be able to resend the amended invoice to any members you choose during this process.

You don’t have to send the invoice again, as the link in the email your members received will stay the same, so if you are simply correcting a spelling mistake it may not be necessary to resend the invoice again. However, if you need to update the amount owed, you may feel a new invoice is required.

Even if you don’t resend the invoice, when your members click the link to view the invoice in their browser, they will see the most recent version of the invoice regardless of what the email says.

If you are happy to continue, click Continue.

Step 2. Edit invoice

Make any changes you want and click Edit invoices.

The changes you make here will be applied to all invoices immediately, except those that have been customised or have had a payment or credit made against it.

Step 3. Resend invoices

Here you can select which members you want to receive the amended invoice. No members are selected by default, so check the box next to their name and click Resend invoices.

The amended invoices will be sent immediately.

If you don’t want to resend any invoices, click Don't send.

For information on how to edit a member invoice, see Editing a member invoice.

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