Editing member details

To edit a member’s email address or name, click on Members in the sidebar and then on the member you want to edit.

On their member page, click Edit in the top right hand corner.

When prompted, update the name and/or email address and click Update.

If you update the email address, Payzip will alert you to any other members who share the same email address. You can update their email address by clicking Update. If you would prefer not to update them, click Don't update.

If you update the email address and the member has outstanding invoices, Payzip will also ask you if you want to resend the outstanding invoices to them.

To resend them, make sure you have checked the invoices you want to resend and click Resend invoice. If you would prefer not to resend them, click Don't resend.

All outstanding invoices are pre-selected by default.

If you have turned off Reminders for any of the invoices, you will not be able to resend these.

Sometimes you’ll see a padlock next to their email address. This means that the member has created their own account to see their own dashboard of invoices and payments.

You’ll need to contact them if the email address needs updating, as only they can change it.

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