Adding admin team members

If you want to add an additional admin team member to help lighten the administrative load, Payzip makes this really simple.

To get started, click Settings in the sidebar and then Team.

Here you’ll see all the current admin team members. If this is your first time here, you’ll just see your name in the list as the Owner of the club.

To add a new admin team member, click Invite manager in the top right.

When prompted, enter the email address of the manager you’d like to join the admin team and click Invite manager. We’ll send them an email to create an account and give them access to the club dashboard when they log in.

They’ll be shown as an email address until they click the email link to join your club.

If you need to resend the invite, click Resend. You can also remove the invite by clicking Remove. This will deactivate the link in the email and prevent them them accepting the invitation.

Once they have accepted the invitation and created an account, you will now see their full name in the table. If you want to remove them at any point, click Remove.

At the moment, additional admin team members have the same access rights as the Owner, with the exception of being able to add or remove other admin team members. This means they can add members, create invoices and Pings, and record manual payments in the same way the account owner can.

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