Paying a Ping

You have a couple of options for paying a Ping (or simply responding to one if there is no cost involved). If the club chooses, they can send you an email containing all the information you need.

Pings can only be paid online at the moment, unless there is no cost involved.

In this case, when you receive the email, click Click here to view to see an online version of the Ping.

Clicking a link in an email will take you directly to the Ping, whereas if you have clicked the link from some other form of message, like a WhatsApp message for instance, you will need to enter the email address associated with your club.

Pings are only for club members at the moment, which is why we require this additional step.

In this instance, enter your email address and click Confirm email address.

When you see the Ping appear, check the details and select the quantity for each member.

Some Pings have a limit per member. We'll let you know this if you try to exceed the limit.

Next, add any notes to the Ping. We'll add this message to your response to the club and your receipt.

When you're happy with your selections, click Pay in the top right.

If there is no cost to the Ping, click Confirm instead. You won't need to go through the checkout process, and we'll show you your receipt immediately.

At checkout, enter your credit or debit card details, or use the ´ú┐Pay / Google Pay functionality in your browser (or smartphone), to pay the Ping online.

The transaction should show up immediately on your credit card or bank statement and will list the club name as the payee. Some banks will display Pz* [club name].

Once you have successfully paid the Ping, we'll show you a Paid receipt and send a confirmation email at the same time.

We'll also log the payment on your account. If you don't have an account, see Creating an account to help you get started.

When you receive the confirmation email, clicking Click here to view will take you to an online version of the receipt that we displayed when you made the payment.

There are mobile optimised views of all pages which you need to interact with which means you can make payments from your mobile phone easily.

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