Adding a note to a Ping

There will be occasions when you, or one of your admin team, have spoken to a member regarding a Ping, and you would like to add a note to let others know the outcome of the conversation.

To get started, click Pings in the sidebar and select the Ping that contains the response you want to add a note to.

You might find it easier to find the member first and then select the Ping you want to add a note to from their page.

Click on the response you want to add a note to.

When the response appears, you can add your note by typing in the input box and clicking the Up arrow.

After adding the note, you will see the note listed in chronological order along with the date and time the note was added.

Notes are private to the admin team. The member will never see them on their Ping view.

Removing a note

Click on the response with the note you want to remove. To remove the note, click Remove.

You won’t be able to see the note again, but you will see who removed the note, and when it was removed.

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