I run a league or governing body

Payzip is great for leagues, governing bodies and other types of umbrella organisations. Whether it’s an affiliation fee, game or match subs, summer camp or something else, Payzip has you covered.

Payment tracking

  • Create sets of invoices in just minutes 
  • Tailor individual invoices
  • See who owes money at-a-glance
  • Easily send email payment reminders
  • Automatic overdue invoice surfacing
  • Online, up-to-date dashboard
  • Collect online payments (card, Apple Pay / Google Pay, Bacs)
  • Collect offline payments (cash, cheque)
  • Apply invoice discounts, e.g. family or loyalty discounts
  • Apply invoice credits, e.g. receipt of sponsorship or funding

Eliminate missed payments and collect every sub due with Payzip.

Easily export data to other systems

In Payzip every onscreen table can be filtered to show just the data you need, then exported to CSV. Take member data into your email campaign software, financial data into your corporate accounting system.

API integration available for customers with an existing membership portal.

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